Character Interview: Danica James & BR Kingsolver

Danica James: Magitek, Book one of The Rift Chronicles

Danica James: I’m a cop with the Mid-Atlantic Metropolitan Police Arcane Division. I work homicides, human trafficking, and other major crimes. I’m a magitek, a mage who can manipulate mechanical and electrical equipment. My grandfather was the most famous magitek. You probably heard of him, Hunter James? He broke the world and opened the Rift.

Danica James: BR is an imaginative author, who writes rather unique stories, but he’s kind of lazy. I wish he’d get the next book written so I know what’s going to happen to me.

Danica James: It’s kind of confusing. I get all these cases thrown at me, and they seem to be unrelated, but the same names keep coming up. And the suspects keep dying. I also feel like I’m being pulled in a lot of different directions. The deputy police commissioner, my boss, wants one thing, my father’s family wants another, my mother wants something else, and my roommate keeps telling me I’m an idiot for being a cop. But if people would stop trying to kill me, I think it would be more fun.

Danica James: It beats the hell out of working in a magitek factory ten hours a day. Booorrrring.

Danica James: I hope I survive. BR hasn’t told me anything about the next book. It looks like there’s going to be a war, but no one is really sure who’s on whose side. I keep hoping I might get a date. One my grandmother didn’t arrange.

Danica James: Oh, yeah. BR says this is going to at least be a trilogy. He has some kind of grandiose idea about writing what he calls an “epic” urban fantasy.

Danica James: Oh, I don’t know. She’d have to be a big girl, and not a kid. I’m thirty-six. Tall and with some meat on her bones. Some muscle. And she’d have to be able to ride a motorcycle.

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