Different Eyes

Why is Adelheid told with different First Person narrators?

There was a brief review for the original publications of books two and three where a review said simply that they were surprised that the narrators were different than the first book. This sort of thing doesn’t surprise people in stories written in Third Person, but Blood Rights is written in First Person. Normally a series written in that narrative voice follows the same character for each story. I’ve chosen not to.

One of my primary reasons for doing so is because I came up with a cast of characters that I think are fascinating, each in their own right. I wanted to more faithfully and completely tell each of their stories. Writing in First Person lets you delve deeper into the head and the heart of a character than Third Person, at least I think so. It also gives you the intrigue of how a story changes because of the perspective of the character. Everyone “sees” things differently, and in First Person, your character’s perceptions can change and shade the narrative.

My second reason is, as funny as it sounds, one of realism. In a good suspenseful story, you have to put your characters through a lot. If I took all the things I do to my characters in these stories to the SAME character? They’d be lunatics before long! There is a creative freedom to this approach, and it allows me to do more and to not have to change my ideas to fit the same character. If one idea doesn’t fit one narrator, I can hold it for another book and another character.

My biggest hope is for readers to like my stories, to enjoy them, and to enjoy reading about the characters that I write. I hope that readers enjoy getting inside the heads of my cast of interesting folks, and that they gain a new perspective for the whole town when they see it through these different eyes.