Bustin’ the Fourth Wall

This is what happens when you let your characters run wild…

Sadie: Mia is letting us have control of a blog post for today. We get to talk about whatever we want.

Dakota: She’s a bigger idiot than I thought.

Madison: Dakota, play nice. Just because you’re in a bad mood doesn’t mean you have to be nasty to everyone else.

Sadie: She’s in a bad mood? I hadn’t been able to tell the difference.

Dakota: *growls deep in her throat, snapping her teeth*

Sadie: Down, kitty!

Vance: Do I have to separate the two of you?

Madison: Vance! Where the hell did you come from?

Vance: My parents, or so they claim. I haven’t seen any proof yet.

Dakota: Are you here to do anything useful, or just be obnoxious?

Vance: Dakota, I hardly noticed you doing anything useful. You were just growling at my girlfriend. I don’t take too kindly to that really. Oh, that’s a mature expression you’re making. You’re older than all of us, put together, including the vampire. When are you going to learn to behave?

Sadie: I’m guessing not ever.

Dakota: I could kill both of you so easily.

Vance: You’d be arrested.

Dakota: You’d never catch me. I’m the best hunter around. Even Mia admitted it.

Sadie: I know who could find you.

Dakota: You wouldn’t…

Madison: You know she would.

Dakota: *growls again, but a little quieter this time* Damn Mia and her book, butting into my life. I refuse to forgive her just because some things worked out well in the end.

Madison: You do have a way with animals, Sadie.

Sadie: I live with you, don’t I?

Madison: Hey! I clean up after myself every shedding season. I don’t want to hear it out of you, bloodsucker.

Sadie: Love you too, Madison.

Dakota: Aren’t we supposed to be doing something constructive with this blog post?

Madison: Look who is suddenly the voice of maturity!

Dakota: Well, my age was brought up. I figured I had to do something with it, now that I’m the old-as-dirt one.

Sadie: Oh, I’d never say you were older than dirt. Whatever is older than dirt. That’s you.

Dakota: *hisses* I really could kill you and find a way to hide the body. Maybe I’d just turn into a big cat and eat the remains.

Sadie: Now there’s a thought that’s gonna fester.

Vance: Don’t worry. She’d never do it. Vampires taste like death.

Sadie: Damn this blog and its PG rating! I’d really like to reply to that properly.

Vance: That’s why I said it.

Dakota: Would you like us to leave you two alone?

Sadie: Honestly…?

Dakota: Oh, God. I’m out of here.

Sadie: If only I’d known it would be that easy to get rid of her…

Madison: You love us and you know it. Even her. You don’t know what you’d do without us.

Sadie: I suppose that’s true. Just don’t tell her that. And keep your voice down. She could be anywhere. She could be that fly buzzing around our heads right now…

Dakota: *calls from other side of door* Or I could be eavesdropping right outside the door!

Sadie: Oh, hell. So much for being constructive…