Character Interview: Danica James & BR Kingsolver

Danica James: Magitek, Book one of The Rift Chronicles Danica James: I’m a cop with the Mid-Atlantic Metropolitan Police Arcane Division. I work homicides, human trafficking, and other major crimes. I’m a magitek, a mage who can manipulate mechanical and electrical equipment. My grandfather was the most famous magitek. You probably heard of him, Hunter […]

Beware the Of

Beware! Beware of the word “of.” The fact is, you don’t need to use it as often as most people think they do. And using it when you don’t need to can hamper the flow of your sentence. For example, “She walked down the steps of the porch.” Doesn’t this sound better when written as, […]

Guest Crazy

This is what happens when a friend is nice enough to let you set your characters loose on their blog. BR let me do this a couple years ago, and I post it here for new enjoyment with a little editing update! P.S. BR has written many other urban fantasy books since this time and […]

Be Bold!

Something that I commonly change in the prose of stories is that a character will start to do something or begin to do something, rather than just doing it. In many cases, “beginning” to do the thing isn’t relevant. They end up doing it without interruption. So why specify that? Over-qualifying is a pretty common […]

Different Eyes

Why is Adelheid told with different First Person narrators? There was a brief review for the original publications of books two and three where a review said simply that they were surprised that the narrators were different than the first book. This sort of thing doesn’t surprise people in stories written in Third Person, but […]

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