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Character Interview: Danica James & BR Kingsolver

Danica James: Magitek, Book one of The Rift Chronicles Danica James: I’m a cop with the Mid-Atlantic Metropolitan Police Arcane Division. I work homicides, human trafficking, and other major crimes. I’m a magitek, a mage who can manipulate mechanical and electrical equipment. My grandfather was the most famous magitek. You probably heard of him, Hunter […]

V is for Vampire

How do you like your vampires? Today, they come in so many shapes and sizes that you might as well be ordering off the menu at a drive-thru restaurant. “Would you like some sparkles with that?” They are now heroes, villains, and everything in between. They’ve come a long way from the black and white […]

Building a City

The Blood Rights Series (formerly known as the Adelheid Series) is built on one basic premise: that a law has been passed that makes all preternatural creatures (vampires, werewolves and more) legal citizens. They don’t have to “play human” to have the same rights and privileges as everyone else in the United States. The series […]