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Why Are Vampires Sexy?

Once upon a time, I was asked to write about why fangs in fiction are so popular. Why are vampires so sexy? The problem was that I don’t know! So, I traveled to Adelheid to ask the experts. Also known as the preternatural employees of the Stanton Agency. 😉 “Why are vampires sexy in fiction?”…

Bad Blood is Live!

Bad Blood is now live and on sale!

The Genesis of Adelheid

The road to the creation of Adelheid and what is now the Blood Rights Series has been a long one, and with more than its share of potholes. While I’ve already talked about the city building specifics (and touch briefly on them again here), this is more about the evolution of me and the series…

Building a City

The Blood Rights Series (formerly known as the Adelheid Series) is built on one basic premise: that a law has been passed that makes all preternatural creatures (vampires, werewolves and more) legal citizens. They don’t have to “play human” to have the same rights and privileges as everyone else in the United States. The series…

Blood Rights ~ Bad Blood

It’s begun! The first book in the re-branded and soon-to-be re-released urban fantasy series is up for pre-order! Bad Blood Pre-order Graphic Okay, so the image is a little cheesy, but I was having fun, lol. PRE-ORDER NOW!