Flash Fic Series: “Blackout” (Part 3)

Part 3! You can read Part One Here, and then Part Two Here!


Life was the same as ever here at Fang Central.

Well, maybe not so much… The power outage was new. Not that us vamps had too much trouble seeing our way around, but there was a ton of blood gonna go bad if our generator wasn’t up to spec. I hoped Jade kept on top of that, ’cause I was partial to dinner, you know how it is. Not that it would actually do anything for us to drink “bad” blood, but it was gonna taste like shit and I wasn’t cool about that.

The only real problem about a power outage was that it apparently brought out the magma age child in Abby. The two thousand year old vampire trapped in the body of a ten year old, who usually just sulked in the basement reading Tarot, was suddenly almost…giddy. And she was playing pranks on the rest of us.

It was freakin’ disturbing.

Sitting on the couch in the Coven House’s main sitting room, I was pulling long nails (like for building houses) out of my foot. See, vampire pranks aren’t like those for anyone else. A few puncture wounds won’t kill us as long as they don’t get the heart or brain, so feet are free game and once the suckers are out, it heals fast.

But it hurts like a mother… Well, you get the idea.

“I swear to whatever god might be listening, Albine, that when I get these freakin’ things outta my foot, you are in so much trouble!” I shouted with vampiric volume, making sure she’d hear me.

Her giggle drifted through the rooms like something out of a nightmare.

She didn’t even yell at me for using her ancient name. That was a bad sign.

The front door opened, slamming so hard against the wall that the glass in it shattered and a gust of arctic wind blew through. I turned to look but whatever had done it was out of sight and I heard Abby again, but this time it was a girlish shriek of surprise.

An inner drive that I still didn’t understand completely drove me from the couch. Two nails were still in my foot and running drove them all the way in. I ignored it and rushed for where the cry had come from and saw Abby staring at…something in the room with her.

It was vaguely humanoid in shape, with a faint blue glow obscuring most any other details I could make out.

“Demon,” Abby squeaked.

I wasn’t used to seeing her afraid. Two millennia made her radiate power like you wouldn’t believe, but sometimes…she was still a little kid.

Shayna must have gotten the generator going because the lights came back on. The demon covered its “face” with its “hands” for a moment. I held out mine to Miss Creepy and she bolted forward to take it. I pulled her behind me.

Footsteps rang up the stairs, spilling my boss and a colleague into the room. Upon smelling Donovan (little fun fang trick), I knew this was his fault.

Turning towards us, the demon apparently recognized Donovan and it became a whirlwind of frigid air that bowled us over as it rushed past (over) us and down the stairs again. “Donovan, damn it, pick up your toys!” I snapped as we got to our feet and pursued.