Author Interview: BR Kingsolver

Today, I’m happy to welcome a long-time friend and author–BR Kingsolver–to join me in the first author interview on this blog. Hopefully one of many to come, but we’re off to a great start. 🙂

BR Kingsolver

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What’s one random fact that you’d like to share?

I don’t plot my books. I’m as surprised as my readers about what happens.

What fictional character would you really like to be and why? (This can include characters you’ve written!)

James Bond, of course. Rich, handsome, gets all the adventures and all the girls. Or as a female character, Brenna O’Donnell from my Telepathic Clans series. Rich, beautiful, gets all the guys.

What’s your authorial theme song? Or at least, what song do you think should play whenever you enter a room feeling author-y?

LOL! How about Send in the Clowns?

What’s your favorite part about being a writer? What’s your least-favorite part?

Working when and where I want to. Telling stories and having people enjoy them. My least favorite? Marketing and advertising. Doing the books. Taxes. All of that business garbage.

What is the primary genre you write in and why? What are your favorite and least-favorite things about this genre?

I’ve published four series that are loosely Urban Fantasy. I’ve also written in high fantasy and space opera, but haven’t published those books. they need more work. Probably my favorite thing is the freedom to innovate and be imaginative. Each of my series is quite a bit different with very different worlds. My least favorite thing is the pressure to publish. Readers are voracious. I release a new book, and within a day or two, I’m getting questions about when the next book will be available. Some authors in UF publish monthly, but I don’t write that fast.

What’s the name of the pet you best remember? (This can include family, children, and significant others as applicable.)

I’ve had six basset hounds over the past thirty years. The last one is twelve now. I loved all of them and miss them all. They are the most wonderful and loving creatures

Do you prefer to have to music, television, or silence while you’re writing?

It doesn’t matter. I think I’ve done most of my writing in silence, but music or sports, or the bustle in a bar doesn’t bother me. I can write anywhere.

Are you a morning dove, night owl, or permanently exhausted pigeon?

None. I usually do my business stuff in the morning, write in the afternoon. The nice part about working for yourself, is you don’t have a schedule.

What’s your favorite season?

Autumn. After the summer heat but before it gets too cold to spend time outside.

Did you always want to be a writer?

I think I did. I tried to write a book when I was fifteen, and it was awful, so I decided I couldn’t write. But I’ve always made up stories in my head. Then almost nine years ago, I was talking to my partner about an article I read on the new Amazon self-publishing phenomena, and she encouraged me to write one of my stories. To my surprise, some people liked it and paid me to read it. 

A big thank-you to BR for joining me today. I hope that readers enjoyed getting to know this author a little better and will go check out the books!