Why Are Vampires Sexy?

Once upon a time, I was asked to write about why fangs in fiction are so popular. Why are vampires so sexy?

The problem was that I don’t know! So, I traveled to Adelheid to ask the experts. Also known as the preternatural employees of the Stanton Agency. 😉

“Why are vampires sexy in fiction?”

Sadie Stanton, Owner: Damned if I know. Really, I found nothing sexy about being a vampire when I was turned. At the time, it was turn or die, of course, but even now, I don’t find it especially sexy. Seriously, if you knew some of the details… Well, I can’t get into that. But rest assured, I see it just as what I am. I see the books and movies out there. I see them presented as sexy, and I guess I’m flattered, but it doesn’t really mean I understand it. Maybe it’s the neck biting?

Dakota, Bounty Hunter: I think it’s simply the fact of the forbidden. Humanity–repressed creatures that you’ve always been when it came to sex–has a fascination with what they feel forbidden. I grew up in the seventeenth century, so believe me, I know all about how things were viewed back in the day. It’s not all gone now, and a lot of that feeling remains. The vampire was mysterious and frightening, hypnotic. Drinking blood. Luring young women to become wanton and wicked… Yeah, I’m going off Dracula here.

Sadie: Really? You know how I feel about that book.

Dakota: Shut up, it’s my turn. *pauses, waits, silence and continues* Anyways, I know there’s more to vampire fiction and mythology, but it’s the same idea. The vampire could be what we weren’t allowed to be. And that mythos has carried over, but today, fiction and people can do and think and feel so much more, but that doesn’t mean that historical feeling went away.

D, Bodyguard & IT Guy: I certainly never found fangs to be sexy, but I hadn’t met Cielle then. She changed my mind about that. She changed a lot of things…

Dakota: I still hate you for not telling me what your real name is.

D: I know. But as you said, we’re mysterious.

Dakota: And jerks. Did I mention vampires are jerks?

Sadie: Shut up, Dakota. You’re outnumbered here.

Dakota: I hate you all.